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Afrakan Diaspora Repatriation Movement (ADRM)


The answers to these questions provides an Afrakan person with Knowledge of Complete Self, Cultural and Spiritual Foundation, Spiritual Connectivity, and potential Collective Social Empowerment.

SIGN UP FOR A FREE DNA TEST (Y-chromosome [paternal] and X chromosome [maternal])
[10,000 signatures needed]

The Afrakan Diaspora Repatriation Movement is a political and strategic agenda aimed at minimizing the direct suffering of Afrakan people in the American diaspora by providing each documented descendant of continental Afraka the non-compromising option to know their Afrakan country of DNA origin;  and also the option to return to either the Afrakan country of their DNA origin, or the Afrakan country of their choosing. This repatriation could be mental or physical; meaning it could be for either mental reclamation, a short visit, extended visit, or permanent stay.

The benefits of an Afrakan option

When people have options, they have more support and are subsequently less vulnerable. When oppressors know that the oppressed have backup support, or organizational empowerment behind them, it makes the oppressor think twice before acting out his or her racist criminal nature on the oppressed for fear of consequences and ‘real’ retaliation. In America, you don’t see the Koreans, Chinese, or any other non-Afrakan foreign group, being publicly targeted and harassed by the american government, via so-called law enforcement. Why? Because existing in the psyche of the white-man is the sensory or idea that those particular foreigners are connected to a cultural foundation that has the political power to hold the white-man’s behavior and actions accountable. An Afrakan option should always be available for Afrakan people in the diaspora.  We can’t continue to tell our next generation that their only option in life is to cope and adjust to opposition energy. We have to give our next generation an exit plan; and the Afrakan option is that exit plan. We owe our next generation a way out, regardless if that way out is mental and/or physical. What our next generation don’t need to hear is excuse after excuse as to why they should stay in the mental and/or physical prison called America!   For those of us who have been to Afraka, or for those of us whose thoughts and actions reflect our connection to and respect for our Afrakan roots, we have a different psychological approach to how we deal with our residency in the diaspora. This approach is selective, apprehensive, reluctant, discipline, and it’s non-transparent. This approach keeps us employed, safe, and under the public radar, which in turn keeps us alive. We know that we don’t belong here so we don’t talk or act too loud publicly, which in turn keep us out from under the governmental microscope.  


This is why it is so important for our next generation to feel an identity that goes beyond the borders of America; back to an Afrakan place of ‘potential’ economic and cultural empowerment; and sooner or later, military empowerment.   The mistake we as Afrakan people continue to make in the diaspora is to think that we have some level of ownership in America. And the truth is that we don’t. This is not our country! And as long as we ignorantly pretend that it is, we will stay vocal about human and/or civil‘rights’ that we realistically do not have; and we will stay loud and public in defense of these so-called ‘rights’, that we realistically do not have. This mind-set will keep us frustrated and vulnerable; and it is this frustration and vulnerability that Europeans target for exploitation.


In 2009, I took a DNA Test, through African Ancestry, Inc., a D.C. based company started by a Nigerian sister named Gina Paige, and a Nigerian brother named Rick Kittles, PH.D. At the time, my father was in his mid-80’s so I decided to do the Y-chromosome (paternal) test. I found out that 97 percent of my blood (on my father’s side) went back to the Igbo of eastern Nigeria and the Ewondo of western Cameroon (both groups are basically the same genetic people). So the following year (2010) I went to Nigeria, specifically the Igbo lands of Anambra and Enugu states. But here’s the thing; now that I’m thinking about it, why should I have to pay $300 of my slave-earnings to take a DNA test in order to find out the geographical location where the criminal U.S. government stole me from? Why should I have to pay $1300 airfare to return to a place where the criminal U.S. government stole me from, not to mention the $160 passport cost? Where is the accountability? Where is the penalty? Where is the fairness? Afrakans, we shouldn’t have to pay to go back to the house that we were stolen out of. Not only does the criminal U.S. government tax us, but after we’re forced to give up taxes in a country that still considers us 3rd or 4th class citizens, we have to use more of our own slave-earnings to go back to the place and to the people where and who we were stolen from. As an organized movement, Afrakan Diaspora Repatriation Movement (ADRM), we will file a federal petition against the U.S. government, declaring that the U.S. government should be responsible for funding the DNA test and round-trip airfare for every documented person of Afrakan descent in America who desires to know who they are, where they come from, and what cultural [ethnic] group they are genetically descended from. This is a legal act against a governmental system that has committed the heinous crime of kidnapping, enslavement, rape, forced labor, and murder, and has yet to pay a legal penalty for its actions. Our goal is to get a minimum of 10,000 signatures via our website, street solicitation, social-media, lectures, etc, of documented diaspora Afrakans (blacks), who have a strong cultural desire to find out where they came from (in Afraka), and who they came from (in Afraka). Why should we have to pay the U.S. government thousands of dollars to (legally) reinstate our original names when it is they, the U.S. government, who criminally took our original names away in the first place?  Our original names not only aligned us to a very special cultural membership, but they connected us to a particular land; a particular people; and a particular spiritual purpose. Everything that the government appointed slave-name took away! Also, although we are political prisoners in America and Europe, we, those of us who desire to physically return to the Motherland, are NOT asking Afrakan countries for Asylum. We are attempting, through Embassy verification, to return to our ‘home’ country in Afraka as full (or dual) documented citizens. We are not going back to Afraka as foreign refugees. History shows that individuals who are granted political asylum by any particular country are perceived as foreign refugees by the general public of that particular country, and therefore are not generally received with compassion and love by that particular general public. Foreign refugees in Afrakan countries are always looked upon as people who are stealing resources and jobs from the indigenous masses who were born in that particular country.  Social imbalance is the last thing we as diaspora Afrakans need to take home to the Motherland. I purposely don’t use the word ‘reparations’ because, as we all know, the European will always be reluctant to financially repair that which his ill nature prevents him from taking responsibility for breaking in the first place. The problem is that we are devalued as an Afrakan race in the indoctrinated mind of the European (and all other non-melaninated peoples); subsequently, we’re not worthy of being fixed! Have you ever wanted to fix an old toy that has lost its value and style? No, when that toy breaks you throw it away! You just go out and get new toy; you just go out and get another sell-out negro to support the racist western politics of democracy and religion. In America, diaspora Afrakan people spend 450 billion dollars in the consumer market every year. Too busy paying for these overpriced cars and houses, more concerned about wearing these european clothes with these homosexual names on them [but yet profess to hate homosexuality!].  450 billion dollars, that’s our reparations! If it’s about money, then we have the money, we just don’t have any social-economic continuity or cultural structure; and because we lack economic continuity and cultural cohesion we don’t know how to spend the billions that we do have, and yet we keep begging the so-called slave-master for billions more under the banner of ‘reparations’. Why? The majority (‘black’ Christians) wouldn’t do anything but give it right back to the white-man (western value-system) anyway! That’s why I’m not going to waste time talking about what the jews and japanese got, and what we deserve, and why! It’s a waste of energy. As an organized movement (ADRM), we will meet with African Ancestry, INC. to get, as mentioned, necessary data showing the Afrakan countries that the DNA results connect back to. As an organized movement (ADRM) we will meet with Embassy officials of those Afrakan countries and propose that they provide immediate dual-citizenship to all DNA-verified diaspora Afrakans whose DNA connects them to a particular Afrakan country. ADRM will track and collect DNA data that will be used to group individuals together whose DNA verifies that their lineage traces back to the same ethnic group, or same Afrakan country. Outside of general information relative to that particular Afrakan country, that group will also be provided information in regards to direct points of contact at the Afrakan Diaspora Reception and Servive Center (ADRSC) in Afraka.  Dual-citizenship for diaspora Afrakans will provide us much easier and cheaper access to Afraka, in regards to land and resources, and allow our indigenous brothers and sisters on the continent to feel more socially and spiritually connected to us.  We will also propose to Embassy officials that they support our efforts in repatriating diaspora Afrakans back to either the Afrakan country of their DNA origin, or the Afrakan country of their choosing; stressing to Embassy officials that our permanent presence in their particular country can potentially add technical and economic managerial experience as well as a stronger labor base. Afrakans in the diaspora have a very unique connection with each other. This connection generates energy and power through unified struggle. So it also makes sense that we as diaspora Afrakans repatriate as a collective people to a selected Afrakan land. However, the DNA process and subsequent repatriation to the country of DNA-verified lineage should take precedent as the primary goal of ADRM. As an organized movement we will open up Afrakan Diaspora Reception and Service Centers (ADRSC) in designated U.S. cities and designated Afrakan cities in Afraka that will serve as re-entry posts for all returning diaspora Afrakans. These service centers will provide general individual and/or family assistance in regards to housing, land, and business ownership, employment and investment opportunities, grass-root organization listings, and a basic summary of the country’s overall demographics, including the country’s social and political structure. And, of course, the most important attribute we as Afrakan-centered (non-religious) diaspora Afrakans will take back to Afraka is the spiritual program of rooted ancestral consciousness that is based in Kemetic (Traditional-Afrakan) spiritual connectivity.

Is mass repatriation the goal of ADRM? Absolutely not! 98 percent of the pathetic hypnotized negros in this country don’t belong nowhere near the continent of Afraka.  They love servitude and suffering, so they should stay right where they’re at! I’m talking about the few of us and our families who clearly understand that this is not our country, and we do not belong here!


I can guarantee that if our next generation in general felt a ‘real’ cultural connection to the Afrakan country of their DNA, it would change their mental approach and subsequently their public demeanor in the diaspora.  This change would in turn cause a high level of reluctance in their attitude in regards to how they socially engage Afrakan people, European people, European employers, and European law enforcement in general. This change would cause our next generation to be more selective in regards to the quality of people that they bring into their personal space; this change would cause our next generation to be more apprehensive in regards to the types of social environments they find themselves in; this change would also cause our next generation to be more careful in regards to their conversations and the type of dialogue that they share other people; Afrakan or European. All this restructuring of the mind because our next generation will feel that they physically exist in a country that is NOT theirs; a country that forces them to interact with people who do not support or promote their Afrakan origin.


But now, because our next generation exist mentally in the Afrakan country of their DNA origin, they will live their lives in America under the radar; being very selective and very apprehensive about everything they say and do. This Afrakan empowerment, mixed in with social apprehension, would at least keep our next generation focused on their purpose and silent about their western influences. This mind-set will definitely not change the nature of the European, so to a degree we still will unjustly suffer in the diaspora; but thousands of lives will be saved daily, and that’s the objective….