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For those of you who don’t know, the Vernal Equinox is a very significant time of year. It is the time when the SUN moving up from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere crosses the celestial equator; creating equal days (12 hours) and equal nights (12 hours) on earth. It is at the Vernal Equinox that daylight hours begin to exceed past nighttime hours. In original Kemetic ideology “Darkness” or “Sutekh” was associated with Womb-Origin, Spiritual Purpose, and Ancestral Root. “Darkness” (Sutekh) was NEVER considered Negative! The association of negativity with darkness is strictly a European/Arab thing that was introduced into Kemet after the 12th dynastic period, in a systematic attempt to detach the consciousness of Afrakans from the dark “melanin” molecule that empowers our mind and body; and a systematic attempt to disconnect Afrakans from the dark womb of the Afrakan woman‐ the source, or root, of “Procreation”, i.e., the eternal Creator. Cosmic Darkness metaphorically represents the dark womb of the Afrakan woman (Net/Het-Heru/Aset))and the unborn child (Sutekh/Heru) that exist within that womb. The Creator purpose of procreation and purification was first generated in “Cosmic Darkness” before it was manifest in “Light” in the form of the “Sun”. Daylight hours exceeding night‐time hours at the Vernal Equinox simply means that the light or Sun was now prepared to influence and empower the world with the dark purpose of the Creator that is manifest within it. The Vernal Equinox symbolizes the time of the seed (of Ausar). Our Kemetic Ancestors planted the harvest at the Vernal Equinox. It took 40 days from the time of planting the seed to actually visualizing the sprouted plant. Western religion stole this Agricultural concept; moved the 40 days behind the Vernal Equinox and fraudulently named it “Lent”. Under the “Lent” fraud mythological “Jesus “supposedly was fasting in the wilderness for 40 days. Why fasting? Because there was nothing to eat! Why was there nothing to eat? BECAUSE THE SEED (AUSAR) IS STILL COOKING UNDER THE EARTH….FOR 40 DAYS (this is why the NTR-AUSAR is painted GREEN.

The so-called Hebrews also stole this Kemetic agricultural concept and fraudulently claimed that they were in the wilderness for 40 years (a modified 40 days). The shortest (i.e., small/baby) day of the year is the Winter Solstice (December 22). The SUN at the Winter Solstice theoretically stagnates (DIES) in the sky for 3 days; and is then born again on December 25th. You know where I’m going with this!!!!! Western Religion stole this annual “Astronomical” occurrence and substituted mythological “Jesus” [their “personification” of the “baby” astronomical Sun]for the REAL SUN. In the Age of Taurus, Heru as a conceptual metaphor of the winter solstice “baby” Calf was birthed by the COW‐NTRT Het‐Heru. Taurus (Bull) and Het‐Heru (Cow) mate in where else, a stable (or manger). Another metaphor: On the morning of December 25th the constellation of Virgo rises Heliacally (just ahead of the Sun). This meant that baby Heru was birthed from Virgo, the Virgin; and of course Western Religion stole that! On December 24th, the 3 penis‐stars of Ausar (Orion’s Belt) is in direct alignment with the brightest star in the sky “Sepdet” (Sirius); which itself is in direct alignment with the eastern horizon (Heru‐rising) point of the rising SUN. Western Religion stole this Astronomical metaphor and replace the 3 penis stars of Ausar with the “3 kings”, then fraudulently claimed that it was the mythological “3 kings” that followed the “Star of the East” to the birthplace of so‐called “Jesus”‐ NEVER HAPPENED!

The other rotation of the SUN is called “Precession” or “Precession of the Equinoxes” . The precession route of the SUN moves counter‐clockwise back through the entire celestial sphere, which includes the 12 Zodiacal constellations or AGES. The precession is caused by the slow wobbly rotation of the earth on its own axis. The earth wobbles or proceeds at a 23.5 degree tilt. It is this 23.5 degree tilt that creates the 4 seasons on earth. The earth’s full 360 degree rotation on its own axis takes about 25,920 years. The earth moves 1 degree every 72 years [conspirators of Sutekh (Set)], and 30 degrees every 2,160 years. The 30 degrees stand out because the SUN (as Heru) stays in each of the 12 Zodiacal Ages for 30 degrees (or 2,160 years) before it moves to the next Age. This is why the numbers 30 and 12 are so important in Western religious theology. It is said that mythological “Jesus” [son-Sun] had “12” followers, and at the age of 30 he was baptized by so‐called “john the Baptist” ; and then went out to preach the gospel. This theological lie is completely Astronomical.

In one of the creation concepts of Kemet; In the beginning the SUN was cleansed as it arose up through the primeval waters (river/lake), activating the universe under the purpose of purification and power. In precession, the SUN is being recreated each time it moves into a new “AGE”. This means that the SUN is cleansed or washed [baptized] every 30 degrees. This is the REAL origin of the so‐called “john the Baptist” baptizing the “son” [Jesus] at 30 years of age.

The 12 followers [disciples] lie is stolen from the processional route of the SUN as it passes through all 12 Zodiacal AGES, spending 30 degrees in each before moving to influence (preach) the next AGE. The fraudulent 12 mythological disciples of the “son” is plagiarized from the REAL 12 Zodiacal AGES that support the 30 degree visit from the Astronomical SUN.

The SUN rises against the backdrop of the same Zodiacal AGE at the Vernal Equinox every day for 30 degrees (or 2, 160 years); then on the morning of the 31st degree (or 2, 161st year), the SUN at the Vernal Equinox rises against the NEXT Zodiacal AGE. Therefore the solar Vernal Equinox is the Left‐Brain window or conduit to the processional Right‐Brain place of Higher Cosmic Consciousness.

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox is a time of Ra‐newal, purification and cleansing; It’s a time to elevate and purify your environmental, spiritual, biological and social HOLISTIC state of being by detoxifying your mind and body‐ EAT GREEN!!!!! EAT RAW FOODS!!!!!..MEDITATE-RITUAL!!!

Absolutely NO processed foods/ low to NO Sugars / low to NO Starches/Carbs / NO Dairy. It’s a time to escalate your LEARNING beyond mental ignorance and cultural stagnation the same way the enlightenment of the SUN at the Vernal Equinox escalates beyond the negativity and ignorance of “western” darkness.

It’s a time to separate yourself from negative influences (i.e., people who consciously refuse to grow/ and places that endorse mental ignorance and White/Arab/Asian/Jew supremacy over the Afrakan mind, body and soul. A healthy body doesn’t endorse a dumb mind (and vice versa). Let the Vernal (Spring Equinox) be your point of entry into a new and better spiritual state of mental and physical existence.