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During the Winter Solstice, the SUN reaches its farthest point in the southern hemisphere as it travels on its yearly journey from north to south and south to north. It is at this point and only at this point that the SUN theoretically becomes still (or DIES) for 3-4 days.

The spirit-less european stole and personified [left-brain] this astronomical/metaphoric right-brain reality and fraudulently claimed that it was the fictitious jesus-christ [SON] (a mythical personification of the astronomical Sun) that died and was resurrected (or Ra-erected) after 3 days. At 12 midnight on December 25th the SUN begins its northern journey; actually moving 1 degree per minute. Our ancestors called this astronomical act : The rising or elevation of Heru/Ausar (SUN) the new anointed KRST!

[PICTURED] Metaphoric SUN-Heru being held by Solar Netert Aset-Meri on the left / and on the right the mythological [never-existed] Son-Jesus being held by the mythological [never-existed] Mary..The New Moon was also born on this 3rd day. The New Moon on the Winter Solstice has been observed for thousands of years; before the Solar Age of the Sun.

[PICTURED] The crescent stage of the New Moon takes the shape of an Ark.

Metaphorically, the Sun rising on the midnight hour of December 25th (winter solstice) arose inside of the Ark. This symbolizes the unification (Tawi) of the Lunar Womb/Dark Age (MOTHER-Moon/Sutekh/Net-HetHeru-Aset) with the Solar Age of light (SUN-SON/Ausar/Baby Heru).

[PICTURED] Mythical [never existed] jesus is biblically considered the New Ark (i.e. New Sun)…..

(this is a plagiarism from the New Light on the Crescent Moon that was an indication to our Afrakan ancestors that the Creator’s purpose of “procreation” is now manifest into the universal order—–all 3 fake religions are based and built off of the crescent moon)).

In the processional Age of the Bull (Taurus), the cow Netert Het-Heru (the feminine womb that births the new Sun [male and female]) was considered the Cosmic Mother of the Winter Solstice. Baby calves are born in a manger; subsequently mythological baby “jesus” was born in a manger.

The 3 days of the SUN is also the 3 days of the Moon. Subsequently the 3 days takes on the TAWI or duality of both the SUN and the Moon. This unification is the essence of Maat, which is the qualification for after-life (or Krst) elevation. However, christian theology gives a different date for the so-called “resurrection”. That date is at the vernal equinox simply because at the vernal equinox the daylight hours finally exceed (overtake) the nighttime hours. But the competition between light and dark is strictly a european thing. Afrakans (originally) NEVER saw light as the opposite of dark. On the contrary; Afrakans always understood that light is the purpose of dark; dark being the progenitor or birth-root of light. For example, the melanin molecule is chemically connected to the Sun- the ultimate source of light. Yet melanin is “black” or dark in color. Consequently, the amalgamation or unification of dark and light (Tawi) is necessary, and represents the oneness of the Creator. That oneness is defined as elevated spiritual empowerment which is manifest in ALL realms of Nature, which includes human procreation.

Also, on the pre-dawn of December 25th the three penis-stars of Ausar (falsely called “orion”) directly align with the “Star of the East” Sepdet on an angle that points directly to the SUN as the SUN rises on the morning of December 25th . Our ancestors called the three penis-stars of Ausar, Akh-beings. Akh meaning spirit. When you take the root K from A_H, and remove the prefix “be” from “beings” your left with KINGS (Kings). In summary, the 3 Kings FOLLOW the brightest star in the East, Sepdet [ falsely called “sirius”] to the BIRTH of the New SUN- Born on December 25th. December 25th is the “Shortest” (or Smallest) day of the year. It is for this reason that the SUN (or Heru the Son) was born an “Infant” or Smallest individual (i.e. the mythical [never existed] “baby” jesus) The 3 stars of Ausar are transformed into the MYTHICAL 3 magi (or Kings). The brightest star in the sky: [Kemetic] Sep-Det, is transformed into the MYTHICAL (or biblical) star of the East. The “baby” SUN that rises on the Winter Solstice (Dec 25th) is transformed into the MYTHICAL personification called “jesus christ” [never existed]..

[PICTURED]This is the SUN “walking on the water”. This astronomical event was transformed into the mythical “Jesus”[never existed] and subsequently “the SON walking on water”.

The Astronomical Cross

Also on the pre-dawn of the Winter Solstice the southern Pole star-CRUX [or cross] constellation, which is SHAPED LIKE A CROSS sits right above the eastern horizon. Symbolically, the rising eastern SUN moves up through the CRUX [or cross] star constellation, hence, the Cross is associated with the “resurrecting” SUN. The spirit-less european simply stole this astronomical reality and personified (or left-brained) it to represent the Son (NOT SUN) “resurrecting” (Ra-erecting) from the christian cross.

Note: The so-called christian cross was also plagiarized after the astronomical SUN crossing the vernal equinox.

In Summary

The Winter Solstice is a time of Ra-birth, or Ra-focus on our past in order to strengthen our future as Afrakan people and Afrakan self. The Winter Solstice is a time of Ra-focus on purpose of purification, procreation and the proliferation of life/Nature. The Winter Solstice is a time to recognize opposition energy that exist inside and outside our lives to destroy our ability to procreate as melaninated Afrakan people; and strategize collectively or individually to eliminate these opposition energies…