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The Autumn (Fall) Equinox is the time of year when the day and night are of equal balance. It is the time of the year when the Sun (Seed) theoretically ‘falls’ below the equator (Womb/Soil) on its southern route to the Winter Solstice, three months later; where it is planted (conception) to be Ra-surrected (birthed) at the Spring Equinox. Most Afrakans don’t know that thousands of years ago, when Earth existed in the lunar Age (before the current Solar Age), ‘Southern’ Afrakans recognized the Autumn or Fall equinox as the Kemetic New Year. This was before the Solar or Sun Age (light) took precedent over darkness- by being birthed from darkness. Darkness represents the womb of the Afrakan woman, the hidden sperm of the Afrakan man, the ancestral root, and the origin of Creator-purpose (Nature). When the world existed in the Lunar Age (or even further back to the Sebaen (Star) Age), what was most important to an Afrakan was the reflection of the past. The knowledge of the spiritual path back to the ‘Dark’ source and purpose of the Creator and Creation (Nature) held the maximum level of self-empowerment. Light was only the result of purpose that was previously formulated in the dark origins (womb) of the universe. The Great Cosmic Mother Net and her dark ‘Sun’ Sutekh (Set) were the metaphoric images that Afrakans modeled the ‘dark’ purpose of purification and procreation after. But then the Solar Age arrived and the model of Afrakan thought begin to change; all of sudden reflection of the dark past, in order to feel and sense the ancestral root, as well as Creator-purpose, became secondary to honoring the manifestations of Dark purpose, in the form of the Sun. This is not a bad thing as long as you NEVER give up your connection to your ‘Dark’ origin and purpose; symbolized in the form of the Cosmic Mother Net and Sutekh (Set). Because Europeans/Arabs are not connected to the Afrakan “Dark” origin and purpose; but dependent on the Sun for life-survival purposes, they, over much time, influenced the Afrakans to forfeit their special connection to their dark past. All of sudden Sutekh was replaced with the Solar Ausar (Full-Moon) and Heru (Sun); and the Cosmic Mother Net was replaced with the Solar Mother Aset. It was the Arab/Jew/European (white egyptologist) who really created the story of Ausar dying at the Autumn (Fall) Equinox; and Aset using her ‘knowledge’ to supposedly Ra-surrect him. In reality the only people who die at the Autumn equinox is the Europeans (Arabs/ Jews). It is they, not Afrakans who suffer when the Sun dips under the Equator. It is they who lose food crops to the cold weather, and subsequently starve to death. It is they who lose the (skin) vitamin D of the Sun; which causes genetic deficiencies such as rickets and skin cancer. Today, is southern Equatorial Afraka, many cultural groups still recognize the Autumn (Fall) Equinox as the start of the New Year. In Summary…..The Autumn Equinox is a time of ‘Dark’ reflection, seed planting, womb honor, meditation, self-purification, community building, family stability and recognition of the feminine principle and the dark womb that birthed “light” purpose in the form of human life.