ABOUT MaaXeru Tep

MaaXeru Tep is the Director of TAWI-Afraka, based in Washington DC (U.S.). Tep has researched and instructed Ancestral (Kemetic) Spirituality for well over 20 years. Tep is one of the most dynamic presenters of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality, and the Politics of Systematic Global European Imperialism.

Tep presents a thought-provoking holistic lecture that is guaranteed to leave the audience more spiritually enlightened and culturally empowered than ever before. Tep has lectured nationally (U.S.) and internationally on the continent of Afraka. Tep has appeared in numerous television and radio programs; some of which are: WJLA News (DC), WHPR (Detroit), XM Satellite Radio (national), LIB Radio (Los Angeles), WOLB (Baltimore), just to name a few.


Based in Washington D.C., Tawi-Afraka is a Kemetic (Ancient Egypt/Continental Afraka) research and resolution organization and publishing house that provides a cohesive environment for African people who are searching for complete knowledge of Afrakan self as well as knowledge of the global politics that target the stagnation and ultimate destruction of Afrakan self, Afrakan family, Afrakan community, and the Afrakan environment (Land-Water).

TAWI-Afraka is a global organizational effort to:

  • eliminate the de-spiritualization or religionization of the global Afrakan consciousness.
  • eliminate the de-Afrakanization or de-melanization of the global Afrakan family through the interracial rape of the Afrakan women and men; manifest in the western ignorance of the Afrakan women and men, systematic abortions, genetic engineering, and poor health.
  • eliminate exploitation and violation of all animal species in Afraka through all western and indigenous conservation programs and the wholesale slaughter of animals in Afraka for western capitalistic profit.
  • eliminate capitalism via industrialization and the subsequent exploitation of Afraka’s land and water.
  • eliminate Big Pharma’s exploitation of Afrakans; primarily tribal Afrakan children, through non-consenting and forced inoculations and vaccines; using outdated and faulty pharmaceutical drugs to poison Afrakans and block the reproduction path

TAWI-Afraka sponsors group travel to Afraka, as well as workshops, seminars and lecture series presented by Afrakan-centered authors, artist, holism health practitioners and others important Afrakans