Ancestors of the NEBTI: Protecting and Empowering the Afrakan Bloodlines

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Ancestors of the NEBTI: Protecting and Empowering the Afrakan Bloodlines


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One of the oldest lessons taught by the Lunar and Sun time Ancestors of old Afraka was the lessons of the planet Saturn, the Pole Stars, and the Astro-Path of the Soul (Ba-Ka). Accordingly, a long, long time ago, in Seba (Star) time, the planet Saturn was observed to be stationed inside the Milky Way galaxy, in close proximity to the northern cosmic Pole. This book thoroughly examines the planet Saturn and the astronomical and metaphoric role it plays as the cosmic progenitor of human existence and the cosmic constructor of the dark feminine Afrakan womb, and subsequently all Afrakan bloodlines.



The name “Nebti” is derived from the Kemetic word Nbtj (Nebty/Nebti), which is a dual noun meaning “the dual feminine principles”. The Nebti name was symbolically linked to two of the most important Kemetic Netjert- Nekhbet and Wadjet (Uadjet).  Nebti as a noun is a spiritual euphemism designating Nekhbet and Wadjet (Uadjet) as a deified pair. As a royal crest it represents the Unification of the Two Realms: the cosmic-Spirit with the environmental-Earth, the southern Ancestors with their northern Khemtu descendants – i.e., Upper and Lower Kemet.  The Nebti name, similar to the Nsut-Bity name, was constructed with two sign groups. The first one shows a Nubian Vulture sitting on a bird basket. The second group shows an erect Cobra, also sitting on a bird basket. The sign groups forming the Nebti name were never used separately. The cobra of Wadjet (Uadjet) was honored as the “cosmic diadem snake on the forehead” who protects the Nebti or Nsut-Bity [Pharaoh], and the Afrakan ancestral bloodlines of the Nebti, by spiting fire [venom] at the foreign opposition who challenges the Nebti or Nsut-Bity [Pharaoh] and/or the Afrakan ancestral bloodlines of the Nebti. The Nubian Vulture represents purification and balance [Ma’at] because they eat the carrion of dead animals at a particular and specific point of decay (before the animal becomes too toxic and diseased). If it were not for Vultures, toxic environmental bacteria would spread and cause wide-spread epidemics through animals and humans. The bottom line is that NEBTI represents the protection, purification and proliferation of ALL Ancestral-Afrakan bloodlines. Therefore we, as global Afrakan people, are all living Ancestors of the Nebti.

Question – How can you truly love the Afrakan people who produced you, when you make a conscious decision to NOT procreate the Afrakan people who produced you? It makes no logical sense. Though colonization, the mind of the Afrakan has been indoctrinated to accept, forgive, and integrate with the enemy. It is shameful.  The primary goal of white-supremacy since his inception is to stop the procreative cycle of Afrakan life. The rape of Afrakan women, the murder of Afrakan men, systematically forced abortions and sterilization of Afrakan women and men, and the media promotion of interracial relationships, are just a few of the methods used by white-supremacy to genocide their eternal enemy, the powerful  Afrakan bloodlines. White-supremacy’s assignment for white-women is for them to suppress the power, influence and creativity of select Afrakan men. I guarantee you, if you are an Afrakan man who has no power in the Afrakan community, no influence in the Afrakan community, and do not project any real creativity in the Afrakan community, then the likelihood of you ever being approached by a white woman in slim to none.  Afrakan men (and Afrakan women) who marry, sexually cohabit and/or under-breed [sub-create] with the historic enemy of Afraka and the Afrakan bloodlines are committing cultural treason of the highest order; and the penalty should be severe. Our bloodline legacy as an Afrakan existence in this universe is at stake.

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